Value and Values, the heart of the personal brand

A personal brand is transmitting Value and Values

  • Does 40 years old : A factor of choice for professionals ago 40 years was based on merit, family, contacts, accumulated experience…
  • Does 20 years old : The same factor ago 20 years valued above all the skills and reputation, especially from “bosses”.
  • Today: Today one of the main factors is the choice combination value and values. I explain. Valued I mean value proposal, the ability to solve problems in a unique way. With Values I mean our way of dealing with problems, solutions and connect with others. Today is a career which suggests Value and Values.

This is not to communicate, it is to communicate well

Soon they will be fulfilled 10 years of this blog, and 9 I write about personal branding. I was the first to coin the phrase: "If you fail to communicate not exist", but after that time I realize that the phrase is not defined at all the heart of the personal brand.

This is not to communicate, it is to communicate well, and we need message to convey our value proposition and style (way to do it, to interact ...) to transmit our values.

Of course, We also need a public, a recipient of the message, also channels, a transmission routes,..

On the value proposition it has been said and written. If you know me, You know I do not like beating around the bush, My favorite definition of value proposition is: I solve what problem. And the way you solve the problem reflects your values. It may seem very simple, but how difficult it is to find the proposal and the best way to reflect it.

value proposition

Example of a good value proposition

If you say you're firefighter me you convey a profession, an activity. If you say you help save lives're telling me solve problem; and that may not be enough.

In the image, Tsavo Neal helps consultants to win customers through their web to devote less time and more billable marketing. It is a proposal full value, which not only indicates that problem solved but what comes Neal won his client.

Values ​​are the factors, in my judgment- determinants of an election. I explain. Before two professionals with identical value propositions always be inclined us to choose to transmit values ​​that give us confidence and that are commensurate with the activity we require.

You have two candidates for a job; Both have studied the same degree and the same master, They have similar age and experience Who choose? You give a tour and discover the candidate Instagram A volunteering to collect food at Christmas. That's what I mean, the candidate A He has not said that is someone solidarity, altruistic, committed; it has passed with a simple image.

Transmit better explain

In a nutshell, in our relations not only we seek competent professionals, also good people. The first thing we have with the value proposition, the second with the values.


Values ​​are not counted, transmitted. As much as you say you are a person committed, you'll have to demonstrate or have to get others to recognize you as such. Your words, in this case, They have little effect.

In the image, my colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa from Instagram profile @vivircorriendo transmits the values ​​of sport: self-improvement, discipline, preparation, effort,

Blog, value proposition and Values

I often repeat everything marring, what we do and what we do, what we say and what we are silent. At a time when to communicate (good) is connected, I take this space Value and Values ​​to claim the blog as great transmitter of both drivers.

The blog could be considered a digital home. In our house we keep fewer secrets than in other people's houses (social networks). But as in all, everyone decides graduation on the exposure of his personality. I've seen blogs without about me and I've seen others that the author has published results of psychometric tests or emotional intelligence.

As my colleague says Arancha Ruiz, no rules, but consider that matter our story. Increasingly. The generation of our parents, call “silent” advocated discretion. Again, today, If we do not "good" we do not exist. By that I do not say that demos the kibosh on privacy. You have to be careful about what you post, but also worth being yourself. I remember that the values ​​do not communicate, transmitted.

Blog dominate the middle, We have the last word. In networks, just the opposite. Some people remove negative comments on blogs, and I think that's an error. It is a challenge to respond with an angry comment elegance. Networks struggle to open field, without protection. Twitter ha “killed” more than a political, artist, businessman. It is a network that requires great communication skills Assertive, but not the only. There is nothing more cruel than troll comments see hundreds of people after a story in a digital diary. So we are bad? possibly not, but the anonymity and the relief that allowed some ciberextremistas is a response to some frustration. When the mask is removed, But are they still themselves?

How to convey our value proposition and our values ​​in various digital environments can and should be differentiated. Everyone chooses the degree of intensity of your privacy. I have a differentiated strategy for each social network, and only I could "clone" a post on Instagram with Facebook, and I've done it a few times. Each network has its codes and its public. Would not make sense to publish the same and with the same tone in all social or professional networks, although it is full of gurus out there saying we have to link all our social networks.

An essential value

The authenticity It is one of the mandatory values. It is a risk position yourself politically moderate and even being thought pactista. Praising a goal by CR7 can close doors in Barcelona as one of Mince praise can close in Madrid. It seems that we have become intolerant, so the transmission of values ​​should be imposed on the creeds. It is a complex issue, of that there is little science but a lot of experience. I can hardly explain that people have a single personal brand but we can hold different roles.


summarizing, I am increasingly convinced that the essence of personal branding is a powerful combination of value (value proposition) and Values (Superpowers). Without that, we can do SEO, SEM or be present in many social networks. The secret (if any) It is essentially on the presence prioritize. Was about being. Connect on making noise. A hug!

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