Show yourself as you are in person, paper and online

Just as you are

If you do not show as you will be hard that you can hold a strong personal brand, coherent and attractive. Yes, I know: Today costs a lot distinguish themselves in a competitive market. The online media are available to all. Many people believe that fill with masters and postgraduate courses will guarantee the best work. It is not like this.

To impress investors or companies you should do with your authentic self, and no matter in what format, In an interview (in person) in a business plan o CV (paper) or Internet (online).

Today, hold the line does not go Nutrition, Consistency will

Consistency is key: You can not display a YO other in a cafe, on Twitter or on that paper that some are determined to keep asking called CV. If you want to adopt a different role to professional, you can do it, no problem. I think that our actions and our values ​​speak more of us than the pompous titles that put us on Linkedin or in a CV.

Your life matters, Your brand matters

Your brand is your reputation, your card. It's what you leave in the minds of others and the experience you provide them. Is to explain your why, you how and you what.

Transferring the powers your brand value proposition and experience to those people with whom you interact and can open the door to a world of opportunities. Denying your personality, your brand DNA, your main message is not to show you as you are, It is teaching a mask you, a profile Matrix.

We are made of triumphs and failures, That is our strength

I was shocked film The arrival (The arribal), a recent jewel required viewing. I will not explain what will not break the magic, but I was struck by a powerful question: If you could, Did you change anything in your previous life?

The answer lies in film, but I insist once again on the idea that we are made of successes and failures. What makes us strong is not one or the other, but each other. Do not sell the idea that you have grown up in a flower bed because I do not believe I will. But you'll also be unhelpful. Proudly displays your scars, Project yourself as you are. I person, on paper or online. Have a great week.

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Values ​​and branding, new ammunition organizations

I am aware that the values ​​and branding are not new concepts in corporate organizations.

CSR values ​​and were introduced in the mid-force 90 in the corporate culture of many companies, especially those that may suffer major problems arising from their own activity (oil, energy, telecommunications…).

Looking back is not difficult to conclude that these first steps did not give mere altruism but as a mechanism of compensation for damage caused to society by the organizations themselves.

Values ​​are the lifeblood of enterprises

The core values ​​give companies, There's no doubt. If we scan the network for corporate statements today we will see how few companies that have not listed their corporate values ​​as part of their DNA. We could transfer that same idea to marks.

However, I am convinced that part of the process has failed and the idea of ​​values ​​and branding does not reach the markets, does not reach people.

Errors in the process of branding

Construction processes and brand development are still excessively guided from the direction and with little or no participation of internal professionals (I am sorry, the word “employees” I seem archaic and disrespectful) and external.

What sense does that stakeholders involved in creating a brand?

It is a matter of humanization own brand, and therefore connection.

Imagine that a committee of the company has decided that the values ​​of a brand pillars are the innovation, respect for difference, reliability and consistency. Surely you have not chosen randomly, but considering the one hand the needs of markets and other characteristics of products or services including.

But imagine that these values ​​can add the people who make up the group of managers, professionals, contributors, shareholders, and why not- customers. Those people proficiently, As indicated by branding expert Ivan Diaz, of brand culture.

So, new values ​​associated with the brand environment will add to the 5 pillars values, values ​​and could be very “humans”, as nonconformity (creativity), empathy, assertiveness, the culture of effort, flexibility, the goodness,… Is not it rich?

The combination of values ​​in the process of branding a company can turn into big brands and their emotional connector stakeholders in passionate Ambassadors brands.

“Employee” and “human Resources”, two expressions that need to evolve

If we look for synonyms for “employee” find words “used”, “used”, “spent”, “served”, “managed”… inspiring? Can anyone feel proud to be used or worn?

“Human Resources” It does not escape the cacophony: Do humans are mere resources? Would not it be contrary, companies are the resource for the expression and talent development?

Not easy to find consensus options, not even for “employees” not even for “human Resources”. In the first case, I prefer to call them professionals (as opposed to entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs), even without being convinced. In the case of “human Resources” I read with increasing frequency “human capital”, “People Management”, “talent management”, but I lack the component that speaks to connect, to build bridges between an organization and its brands, People and markets. I leave it there. If you have any ideas, I hope that will not blow away and share.

Values ​​and branding need to go hand in hand. Their alliance will undoubtedly be the best ammunition organizations, because both values ​​are part of branding people.

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