increasingly personal brands

Brands, increasingly personal

Brands increasingly personal? I know that such a headline in a blog very focused on personal branding can give more than one reading. And he has it.. The big brands, the ones that will come, the ones that will convince, will be targeted only to people who are not looking for products or services. They will address people who seek … Read more

The entrepreneur is also a person

Believe it or not, an entrepreneur is also a person

Yes, the entrepreneur has had bad press as a collective. Surely it is due to that opacity in the way he communicates (or not communicate). Fortunately, something is changing. And those beings that looked like iron now show their vulnerabilities, their emotions, his human condition. The entrepreneur is like you.. The entrepreneur is like you.; it's more, … Read more

overrated normality

Normality is overrated

No, I don't invite you to become an anti-system, it doesn't go that way. It's just that our society, historically it has overestimated normality. We are children of the generation of caution and discretion. Child, Don't do this, no one does. Child, do this, which is what everyone does. … Read more

start from scratch

Start from scratch after a pothole… Impossible task?

Start from scratch has it happened to you? can it happen to you? I've come across some cases of people who, after a career bump, they plan to start from scratch. In personal brand management we often talk about change. When someone seeks a new approach they may be due to many factors. Causes that take us … Read more

Motivation in its purest form

Os adjunto este vídeo sobre los propósitos diarios de Jessica, uno de los más vistos en YouTube con algo más de 5 millones de visistas. Jessica, with only 4 Years, nos da una lección de optimismo, motivación y valores. Ojalá tuviésemos esa energía cada mañana. ¿Será la marca de cereales? ¿Será que sus padres sonRead more

how you communicate your worth

7. How do you communicate your worth?

The past 2 March we referred in a post to the question How do you create value? How do you communicate your worth? It's great to create values, have values, defend values. But if they don't communicate, no one will know.. Will it do any good? Yes, to fill the gap in personal satisfaction. Little else. … Read more

Limitation of thought

Perhaps this time of crisis will allow us to recover old values that we had hidden in some drawer. The phase of the unsused growth of our economy in recent years 30 years comes to an end. Nothing will be so easy from now on, but you have to see the positive part: possibly we dust off the culture of effort, something very useful … Read more

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose. This maxim - from the Maltese thinker Edward de Bono- has been a constant in the Obama campaign and, Possibly, the key to their success.

"Valueless effectiveness is a tool without a purpose". It doesn't matter race or belief: import values. Only then did Obama win over his voters. When I was talking about economics, didn't do it with the cool macroeconomic figures, I was doing it looking at the families, the future of their children and their … Read more