TV: Only we see the 2,6% issued advertisements in prime time’

Urgent message for all brands advertised on TV or plan to do so soon:

Viewers only see the 2,6% issued advertisements in prime time’. That is what is extracted from the last index television advertising prepared by Zenithmedia, corresponding to the first three of the year.

Of the 1.492 ‘spots’ they have issued until March daily average national and regional channels in primetime, viewers only saw a 2,6%.

Index also analyzes what experts call “volatility” a "prime time ', that is, the percentage of viewers' fleeing’ a string of commercial breaks.

On the whole, one in five viewers (20,0%) He does zapping’ during commercial breaks.

An advice? Do not invest in prime-time. The only company in Spain that uses as a matrix non-prime-time investment is TVLowCost. Its central argument is based on the sum of hearings tomorrow, desktop and arrives at dawn 40%. The spaces are less saturated and consequently, the spots are more profitable. In addition, this company has specialized in "packs TV"Including research, creativity, production of spots and putting on the air. From € 180,000 for a national campaign.