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Personal Branding Trends 2016 -William Arruda-

Si no conoces a William Arruda te diré que es una de las referencias en Personal y Executive Branding a nivel mundial. Creador de Reach Personal Branding, Arruda is among the few professionals that accredits certification itself. Autor del libro “Career Distinction”, is regarded by many American media outlets as the "guru" of Personal Branding. … Read more

23 personal brand definitions - the video-

If you weren't even clear what personal brand is, this video helps clarify concepts. Happy 2013!

I wish you'd existed before., Graduate in Personal Branding

Two years ago, the newspaper La Vanguardia placed the personal branding as one of the future professions of 2020. They were wrong.. Things have come a few years ahead. Although it varies by author, my definition goes like this: Personal Brand is the brand you project on others and Personal Branding would be … Read more

Offline opportunities to strengthen personal branding

Personal branding is not something unique to the digital environment A few days ago I saw a video by William Arruda that interested me in the use of an almost forgotten word in our day: the real world, also technically known as the offline world. It may seem shocking that talking about the real world is a … Read more