Technotics: ethics and technology do they always go hand in hand?

Technotica sums up well the union of two concepts that should be inseparable. And to be fair, in most cases, technology has been a means to a better life.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to watch the film/documentary (today they call it "docufication) The Social Dilemma, directed by Jeff Orlowski and scripted by Orlowski himself alongside Davis Coombe and Vickie Curtis. And there it became clear to me that ethics and technology don't always go hand in hand.

If you're short on time, I'll leave you a one-minute video summary:

Technotics exists (technoethics) and it has multiple applications

The technotics is a specific area of research that arises with the extension and mass use of new technologies.

There are several types of ethics applied to technology, I'm sure you've dealt with any of them today: 

  • Access rights: access to technology capabilities as a right
  • Accountability: decisions to be made to define the person responsible for success or damage to technological advances
  • Digital Rights: protection of intellectual property rights and privacy rights
  • Environment: how to produce technology that can harm the environment
  • Existential risk: technologies that pose a threat to the global quality of life in relation to extinction
  • Freedom: technology used to control a society that raises issues related to freedom and independence
  • Health and safety: health and safety risks that increase and impose technologies
  • Human improvement: human genetic engineering and human-machine integration
  • Human judgment: when can automation decisions be judged and when do they acquire a reasonable human? 
  • Over-automation: When automation decreases quality of life and begins to affect society
  • Precautionary principle: Who decides that the development of this new technology is safe for the world? 
  • Privacy: protecting privacy rights
  • Security: Is due diligence required to ensure the security of information? 
  • Self-replication technology: should self-replication be the norm? 
  • Technological transparency: clearly explain how a technology works and what its intentions are
  • Terms of Service: ethics related to legal agreements

"The social dilemma" inclumples several ethical principles, especially that of freedom

I'm not going to spoil the docufication., but for me the most direct reading is the outrage at the freedom of the individual to consume technology according to his free will.

  • Freedom: technology used to control a society that raises issues related to freedom and independence

Several former managers of great technology and social networks explain without ambages the initial idea of what technology wanted to achieve with people: facilitating roads, shortening times, connect people, bring new knowledge.

But all this is truncated by a reality: These companies need revenue. As they are "free" for the end user, they need to get the income in other ways, like advertising. So far everything fits into a certain ethic. The problem is that a user wouldn't take five advertising messages per minute, so what you have to get is for the user to be more and more minutes every day. And that's where the blatant attack on freedom begins.

The truth is boring

This phrase is one of the pearls you can hear. In the fictional part, three subjects emulating the control room of "Truman's show" manipulate a guy with a smartphone as they please, and the phrase "truth is boring" is a principle for greater interaction and exposure by manipulating things as seemingly innocent as the order of posts you see on a social network when you open it.

Weapons of mathematical destruction

This is one of the definitions a former manager pours into the current way many companies are managing data. Weapons of mathematical destruction, because everything is within the algorithm.

If you work in the digital marketing or online advertising environment, my advice is that you don't see docufication, since I would possibly raise questions about your own vital purpose. After all,, ethics and values go together, and when you attack ethics, our values are being questioned.

I agree, And what can we do? 

I am striking that the children of managers and former directors of major technology do not have access to technology until 16 Or 17 Years. Something they know. Something's hidden.

I advise you to view this TEDx talk of 7 minutes from the Doctor Eva Forcadell (TEDx Eixample Beyond Chaos, 2020). Eva holds a degree in psychology,  Master's Degree in Behavioral Medicine and PhD in Neurosciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Uab). Specialist in clinical psychology. Neuropsychology expert. Neuropsychologist in the neurology service at Verge Hospital on tortosa Tape. Researcher and project manager “Play” Cognitive stimulation through play. Project that won the research award award awarded by the Doctor Ferran Foundation 2015. Co-founder and Director of MEMORYTECA.

Interesting, Truth?

Otherwise, there are recommendations that are common sense (I mean, are rare). Including, turn off mobile phone notifications, and dedicate a weekly finite space -- and no more- social media.

You may wonder what all this has to do with the personal brand. A lot. We need to humanize our relationships, our communications. We must use technology only if it serves that purpose. Our digital attitude also leaves a mark, when it's too much... and by default. Happy week!

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Monday 5 October Eva Añón and Javier G. Alvarez invited me to give a talk on the value proposition. That's where David Barreda passed a few weeks ago., and that means the bar is too high. A challenge.

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