#TheFollowerObsession Followers? Fans? Contacts? Better few and good

Today I deal with a disease that is becoming an epidemic: #TheFollowerObsession, or the absurd obsession with collecting followers, contacts or fans. A few months ago I approached the subject from another angle in the post Mark package as a value proposition does it work?. There I was referring to this absurd habit of some to place his name with contact number. For example, on Linkedin, which is supposedly a serious network and should not admit such fantasized, this custom is popularized.

This time, I want to give it another approach, much more operational, and already announced in the title:

Better few and good

The big questions about the meaning of our digital presence could list them like this:

  • What are we there for? what justifies our presence?
  • Who do we want to reach?
  • For what purposes?
  • With what value proposition?
  • What messages? with what content?
  • With what intensity of interaction or engagement?
  • How are we going to control whether we achieve the goals?

I predict that there are few people who have asked themselves these questions before jumping into the great Internet circus. Let alone those who have answered them and acted accordingly. However, it's an exercise that, despite its complexity (we don't like to ask questions), clears a lot of doubt and is effective in developing the communicative area our personal brand.

The classic mistake: wanting to reach everyone

If we don't define who we want to reach and what value proposition, we'll accumulate contacts, but they will have no more strategic weight than to thicken a number.

I agree, they say we need minimal communities on social media to make everything work. I question it.. If I have 150 Followers, And 100 contract my services or those of the company I work for, why do I need 50.000?

I can understand that trademarks need large communities in mass-selling B2C products or services. People don't, Be free agents or working as an outsider.

The theory of 1.000 true followers

Carlos Rebate, in his magnificent book Influencers, everything you want to know about digital influenceL (Active Company, 2017), refers to the article Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired) Entitled 1.000 true fans. Kelly's theory is that we don't really need more than 1.000 Fans, understood as true followers. Are Brand Advocates, people willing to share, Comment, recommend and “Buy” what we do. And the “Buy” though quoted, literally refers to people who will buy and test the services or products we offer or prescribe.

If this is the case, And that's the way it is, where does the obsession with getting followers come from at all costs?

Attraction marketing makes things easy

The term inbound marketing or attraction marketing is about the ability of high-value content to reverse the classic advertising cycle. In a nutshell, it's not the message that comes unwanted to us, we are the ones who come to the message because of the richness of its content. Value content, that induces changes, and that often comes from recommendations from people we consider to be referent or credible in the field of activity that the content deals with.

A recommended reading on the subject (and free) we found it in the ebook of Oscar del Santo and Daniel Alvarez Attraction marketing 2.0. Attraction marketing makes it easy to create value communities. Maybe they're not too big., but the important thing is that it will help us to get 1.000 real fans.

obsesion followers social media
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Your community depends on your business model

Many wonder why there are people with such large true communities. It's simple to explain. If you're a consultant, self-employment or other people, your community will be small and very valuable, and it will move in a “word of mouth” of value that will make you grow. If you're a TV presenter journalist you'll have a great community, although you may never get 1.000 real fans. If you're a lecturer, successful writer, university professor, your communities are more likely to be large. Also if you work in the field of digital marketing, where your communities Connected they'll follow you massively.

If you're an engineer, you work in an industry, and you don't have a blog or content creation platform, your community will be small. But it may be of more value than that of a follower collector.

Do you want 100.000 Followers? It's easy if you're on hand at $189.99

Although there are companies that offer followers in exchange for money, none offers real fans at the moment. It's about Bots computer-generated, that have already been so sophisticated that they can even give you likes to publications in an automated manner. But of course, don't expect to be commented on or offered a collaboration, a job, or participate in a project. That won't happen., at least for now.

In addition, if you're tempted to buy followers, there's public domain software that will mercilessly give you away. The rotary La Vanguardia posted a few days ago that Twitter has 330 millions of users, of which a 10% or maybe more are fake. The Telegraph, on his side, states that the “Pack” of the 100.000 followers are less than 200 Pounds. And we also have packs “more believable” of the 1.000 followers for $15.

Get rid of fake followers

The magazine Current PC recently published a list of tools for 1. know that part of our community is Fake And 2. in their premium versions, get rid of all the fake followers with a single click and keep the closest thing to true followers.

  • Twitter Audit > You can see, for example that the president of the Spanish government has a 34% fake users on Twitter, and an undesyed percentage of dubious.

Other tools recommended by the magazine are SocialRank, Social Audit Pro. I especially liked it Status People, why it also gives you the percentage of inactive followers who wants them? Although there are many tools for Twitter and Instagram, for Facebook and other networks it seems like at the moment there's not much.

Doing things right, be persistent and look in the medium term, the secret to getting few but good followers

For lovers of transience and short-termism I'm sorry to tell you there's no recipe. For the rest, I guarantee that with clear strategy, Patience, solid value proposition, good content and reasonable interaction, the thousand real followers will arrive. I'm halfway there., but it satisfies to see how little by little the harvest bears small fruits.

Concluding, changes #TheFollowerObsession to #RealFanCommunity. Believe me, you'll do better. Good week!


Pd: This week there are two books to consider: Learning from the best 2, of the Francisco Warden, that after overcoming the barrier of 30.000 copies sold in their first version, dares with new inspiring characters. On another front, my battle partner Jordi Collell has launched (now available on Amazon) Your personal start-up, a real roadmap for staff branding.

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13 thoughts on "#TheFollowerObsession Followers? Fans? Contacts? Better few and good”

  1. Excellent Guillem, I take a minute on this Sunday to leave you a comment. As always right but I see you lately critical with a lot of wisdom about what happens in the networks, just like Andrew (Pérez Ortega). It's just that as I put in my comment to your post “The networks have become excellent transports that lead nowhere” when looking alone “Followers”, perhaps because of this way of becoming “Influencer”. – Need to feel valued? – better to my liking to work on that someone else can increase their value with our professional input. Followers, few and good that's the way it is, but for the simple reason that Twitter for example, for me of the most useful, have an effect, Factor “Geometric” propagation. 250 contacts can mean reaching millions of people and whether those 250 Are “well-chosen” your area of influence is infinite. The rest is posture unless you have millions of legitimate followers like Rafa or Bill Gates or your!!!! – Hug –

    • One minute of gold, Aníbal, Thank you. I owe networks the ease of projecting content that would otherwise be left in very small frames. What you call the factor “Geometric” propagation is true, and there it is said which communities are true and which are about to thicken. The critical factor towards collecting is that it is done only for a matter of vanity and not of use. A hug and thank you!

  2. I'll take this sentence., Guillem

    “Doing things right, be persistent and look in the medium term, the secret to getting few but good followers”. I remember working at a company where we opened a facebook page to start doing some community. The next day, the page was flooded with “Likes”. When I asked the boss if he knew what had happened, told me: “I bought them.. Weren't they followers what we wanted?”

    And starting from that singular understanding of what a “Follower”, we can't be surprised that the results are what they are: low percentage of “engagement”, worst economic performance.

    Happy Sunday. I share it on Twitter towards the end of the week.

    • A book case, Joel. And unfortunately, more common than we thought. who can believe that a bought contact is not going to buy anything?

      Thank you for writing, in the end all this makes sense thanks to dialogue.

  3. Good morning Guillem! I've read your post and you can't be more right about it. Let's get the GRs. SS, with the obsession of gaining followers many times without strategy and those who know how to take advantage of this fulfill very well the premise that more is better. It is a pity for those of us who really follow clear strategies and want followers of “flesh and blood” what it costs us sometimes to get quality followers or contacts. Excellent post!!!

  4. Very interesting reflection, Guillem, to which I would just like to make a note. Sometimes, the number of followers has nothing to do with what you selfishly want to get, but also with what you want to contribute to the online community. For example, in my work of activism, having a relatively important critical mass helps me to have greater visibility when I collaborate in campaigns for groups that I feel very close to. This is very important for Oscar Caesar the human being, and I think rebounding for the pro too.

    • Hello Oscar! Knowing you, I know perfectly well that your digital communities are natural, we could call them organic. I also know that as a product of your work and your value proposition are aimed at a broad audience. The reflection of the post goes in the sense that only a small part of our communities is the one that generates real engagement. I'm not talking about erasing the rest., you can "wake up" at any time, but to avoid hunting or buying indiscriminate followers with the sole purpose of flaunting number. A hug and thank you for writing!

      • We can't agree more. I have never committed such descernable practice and to point out that I practice a 'hygiene’ Twitter monthly with tools like Manageflitter or Tweepi that I recommend to everyone.

  5. Very good note… quality is needed and not quantity in most cases.
    People who really want to follow you for what you write and publish and are willing to take a step further than a simple ??.


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