The tinderización Linkedin

The phenomenon of “Tinderización” Linkedin is one of the al “CEOización”

Tinderización on Linkedin, no entry barriers

The phenomenon of “TINDERización” Linkedin is because social networks in general no barriers to entry. And in professional as Linkedin, maybe they should be somewhat cautious in accepting profiles, is exactly the same. Anyone can enter a profile is not required to put a real name, a photography. they can invent the sector, The charge…

Long ago wrote an article about the peculiar fact that Linkedin everyone is CEO, a complaint about the way in which a person calls himself CEO taxi driver or even have a company with two friends. And the worst, CEO should not be a title Linkedin, because it does not imply a value proposition.
For the same phenomenon CEOización It has moved to TINDERización, that is, trol profiles using a professional network like a dating site.


AMD's case is not unique, unfortunately

Recently, AMD placed a post on Linkedin reproduces a conversation in the area of ​​private messages that could have occurred either in Messenger, in Whatsapp or Tinder. A subject is presented and when asked what can I do for you? the guy has another speech “go for a drink”.


The Microsoft influence… Positive?

The changes that are taking place in this social network since it was acquired by Microsoft are somewhat incomprehensible if we think that Linkedin is a strictly professional network:
  • They have virtually eliminated all the benefits of Premium profiles,
  • They have “I ningunizado” discussion groups, forums in which it was possible to acquire knowledge, share content and generate valuable contacts. Now we can not even know which group each member belongs.
  • And to continue with the absurdities should be read expert Peter Vincent in his latest article Linkedin: What we have lost after changes 2017.
The question one might ask is exactly what Microsoft is doing with Linkedin? What is your roadmap? Is it a yellow network Linkedin? A place paid for lies?
The truth is that a while now, publications Linkedin groups or company profiles are leaving to have engagement, which it seems to favor a scenario of chaos, as the publications that work best are personal, but without a chronological timeline that order or sort by sector.
AMD's case is not unique nor the last. I think, and that no one offends, many job counselors are forcing long-term unemployed with no communication skills or knowledge of digital protocols to a profile on Linkedin be created because from there they will find work. Book error. Social networks are not for everyone, and even less professional.


The opportunity for bebee

While this occurs tinderización and CEOización, competitors are emerging as baby, very little time, but offering high quality content, taking advantage of the space left by exterminating Linkedin (not literally) their groups.
You can find these reflections and those of Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Fernanda Brunsizian (Linkedin) and the mine in an article Tino Fernández (Expansion Journal) called Can a professional network degenerating into a network to link?
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6 replies
  1. Encarnación Serrano Alvarez
    Encarnación Serrano Alvarez says:

    good morning, Guillem.
    True!. Anyway, literally hallucinating with both CEO and both coach….. It is impossible, and do not leave me to my account. It is quite possible that in the case of those recommendations to reconvert occupationally, and is a mistake.
    Finally, as usual, verbalizing what I sometimes think. Whereupon I will not beat very wrong.
    I did not know if AMD, but never ceases to amaze.
    As for bebee, I also have an account there, and good, It is rolling favorably.
    A greeting and thanks for your thoughts out loud.

  2. Crisanto Castro
    Crisanto Castro says:

    Hi Guillem, Thank you for such accurate analysis. I think the changes in the LinkedIn 2017 They do not go on the line to which many are accustomed.
    Hopefully the correct decisions are made and re-routed the path.

  3. Willypbm
    Willypbm says:

    I think no data to present the author has this only happens to be an opinion, with assumptions and fantasies

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hola Willypbm. Not my habit to respond to trolls who hide their name and put a fake email. But in this case I will: in the first edition of this post, instead of acronyms, I used the full name of the person who was harassed on Linkedin. I also put a copy of your feed, where more than 400 comments were hundreds of women who have suffered similarly protesting harassment.

      The author herself wrote me politely to leave it in acronyms and remove the link, basically to preserve their privacy. I did it like that, as it should be.

      Do not take it bad, but besides troll I gather you are a man, and those undesirables who tolerate harassment of women. I hope not to see you again for my digital home.


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