Your influence on social networks is absurd if you do not have real life

This article appeared last Tino Fernandez 24/5/2013 on www.expansió and Andres Perez Ortega involved, s server and Ximo Salas

You say that you are and what you brag on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook can exploit you in the face when you're in front of an interviewer or desvirtualizarte with any of the followers who admire your personal brand.

Your brand is what others know you're, or what they think you are. It is the footprint you leave on the other. The important thing is that whoever speaks not be only you, but do who follows you and you really know.

For social networking professional teem some Mili Vanili (the Vanili Mili was a world-famous duo, until in 1990 It found that Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were not the real singers group) who position themselves as true charlatans the world 2.0. Nothing more. In some cases, This exaggeration of one's skills in social networks, pathetic though, It is an anecdote. However there who builds a virtual personal and professional identity of papier mache that crumbles when that false self stands in front of an interviewer in a selection process or the time when the alleged influential is devirtualizes and actually there is nothing.

Guillem Recolons, partner Soymimarca, He explains that "in the network some say it can do anything, but it's not really what it claims to be. Personal brand that you build should be based on authenticity because, on the contrary, sooner or later you will be caught. The key is honesty and authenticity. Do not overdo ever because even if you can get hired, with that false self you not last more than six months ".

Andres Perez, Guillem Salas Recolons and Ximo

Andres Perez, Guillem Salas Recolons and Ximo

Personal branding must be based on authenticity. If it is not you 'you get caught' insuranceAndrés Pérez Ortega, positioning consultant staff, explains that "against those who insist that what matters is on the inside, We are who we think you have to consider you to be a good professional. If you want to position yourself as an expert most importantly be. We have forgotten to develop in our field; we confuse making a master after another to become better professionals. When someone says you have to reinvent itself, maybe I should worry more to improve or upgrade what you already know to try to reinvent the wheel. We should worry less about the attitude and fitness. The more you prepare yourself and be better professional, the easier it will be valued and will take into account ".

For Ximo Salas, author of Mejora y gana, "What others say about you is not brand, s reputation. The networks, when a third party who speaks, usually sincere. So you must be careful and be careful with the content you generate and what you do. Professionals in social networks should never go beyond certain red lines. Networks are viral, and if you decide to base them your personal brand you should be cautious: a tweet longer yours when you press the send key ".

notoriety empty

Andrés Pérez added that "suddenly seems that all professionals must devote 90% of our time visibility. And if that's absurd for a company should be equally foolish for a professional. Be very visible in dospuntocerolandia does not make you a good professional. You will be better known simply (and not always). Guillem Recolons agrees that "very influential on Twitter, for example, not important. Value rates influence the behavior of an audience towards you, and these indices cause an exaggerated overvaluation of networks such as Twitter ". Andrés Pérez's recommendation to all this would "forget to take first place in Google. Use the Internet as a catalog, as a professional showcase in which you can demonstrate your professionalism. It's not about being a star on the Internet but use it as a place where you can expose your accomplishments to whom you are interested and with whom you contacted by other means. Followers do not get to eat. The clients, yes".

Perez recommends that, If you are a professional of any kind, "You have to think about what I S.A department. you have problems: Your work product-outdated?; Your market has disappeared?; Are you invisible to your potential customers?; Are you not able to do more and better than other?; Do you know how to use the curriculum is like handing leaflets to the subway exit?… From there, Make your decisions and make the necessary adjustments. You can call or whatever you feel like reinventing ".

You are the business

In the case of I S.A., Perez believes that "we must consider our profession as a business, with all its departments, And that's where you have to take into account the reinvention or visibility. In addition, Human resources, Some strives to change the 'inner' aspects of professional. It would be equivalent to the HR department YO S.A. That's why they have become so important happiness at work, positive attitude, limiting beliefs, or coaching ... It's like trying to influence the work environment or culture of the company, but in this case the company is self. Do not expect to change your attitude to do things. Start doing things and change your attitude ".

Another critical Andrés Pérez obsessions is to differentiate. "We could call it the Lady Gaga effect of professional. Many people are determined to draw attention (original curricula that arise from time to time). The best differentiation is to be better than others, giving more (money, weather, productivity, customers) least (saving, deadlines, concerns) the rest. If you want to differentiate yourself, prove you're better than your competition and do not get to do strange things. If you want to be your profession Dalí, first you have to know how to paint and then, if you want, Do you fancy extravagances, and not vice versa ".

You really used a curriculum in 140 characters?

The Wall Street Journal recently stated that "Twitter has become a new job board. It is the new curriculum ". According to the financial daily, traditional job portals and use of the curriculum are increasingly ineffective, and why recruiters tend to solutions like social network to put her job, search for candidates and even investigate those profiles that may be interesting. If you really want your chances of finding employment depend on 'curriculum 140 characters', Here are some tips to make more reliable is original query:

* Use your profile to make it clear that you are seeking employment.

* Follow the companies and individuals responsible for hiring or human resources with which you want to work. Retweet and talks with those responsible for companies and also with employees.

* You must be very professional and show you all what you say (your opinions, links and photos).

* Be authentic. You can not be ashamed of tuitear with your friends and followers about personal issues. You must not show offended if some officer of the company that you go not respond to your tweets.

* Creates a 'curriculum' of 140 characters with a concise introduction to describe your skills, What are you interested and how you can get more information about you.

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  1. of Pau Samo
    of Pau Samo says:

    This is a very interesting reflection, indeed my last post I make an in line. In the exercise of trying to predict the future, comclusió if I reach that exposes the virtual world for invasive, or a reputation based on the smoke to lift you can expect to pay expensive. Your reputation and bidirectional communication network can be a double-edged sword.
    Malpractice or almost scammed an unhappy customer can throw you to the ground if your years of work and life comprtament offline is not symmetrical with the image online.

    Congratulations William!!


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