Un café con Fran: del bar al blog y de ahí a Facebook

Talking to my friend and fellow battle Fran Segarra We debate about the child engagement generated by blogs compared with other digital environments, or the bar in the real world. I hope my good friend, the staff brander Ami Bondia do not be angry for that of “Coffee with Fran“, I do not intend to take advantage of his book “A CI Afé with Chan“. simply, the thing took place over coffee with Fran.

You lost your blog its attractiveness as a center in which pivots communication of personal branding?

good question. Everything comes about because, as good psychologist Fran and better provocateur- It is launching powerful insights on networks such as Facebook. these insights, sometimes as powerful question, generate a much higher engagement that we see in blogs containing "serious".

Why the conversation on social networks prevails to a blog?

My theory is because you do not have to move from place (the social network) to find a comentable content. Some time ago I tried from the blog of Soymimarca of this movement of conversation from blogs to social networks in the post Who says that blogs are dying?

What is certain is that in any case the blog loses steam as digital home. The visits do not fall, the post is still share. And a part of the conversation which was previously home has now moved to networks.

insights en redes sociales

Fran's case is special

Fran does not comment on their posts in networks, but throwing powerful questions and isolated known to have better echo in the social network on your blog. Check out this image on the left.

Knowing ask questions that generate reflection, doubt or rejection is an art available to few. And Fran is one of them.

What if a post of a blog was just a question, without further ado?

That emerged in our conversation, and in front of a restaurant fideuá. Fran reminded me that the posts of Seth Godin They are short and generate interest and interaction (engagement, OK?) unusual. The question is whether that's by brevity or authorship. Or both.

SEO slavery

When you write a post on a blog like WordPress, it seems that if you have not triunfarás 1.000 words, If not repeat 18 Sometimes the keyword, if you put 5 images, If you do not put 16 subtítulos, if not properly tag images. Or if you do not put an infographic, a podcast or video from YouTube repeating the same thing you've written. We are too slaves of Google. I understand the operation of SEO, but not to the point that makes us change what we are. If Google searches naturalness, It should allow ourselves to be natural. In social networks we do not carry corset SEO, We say what we feel without established formats. No rules.

I think if blogs like Tumblr succeed is because they ignore pressure from Google and more natural shows, fresh. An image is a post. A phrase is a post. Although Google does not create it.

Facebook insights into triumph, but also on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter

That's right, a powerful insight does not require 800 words. Why the post of Fran work well, because you should not move you to read the rest of the content. That happens in Facebook, but also on Twitter (with limitations), on Instagram, Linkedin…

A conclusion that coffee with Fran we can come to is that we need to read or hear things that we directly revuelvan mind.

But ... what the hell is an insight?

Of the possible definitions, which best fits what I mean by insight is that of the cracks of 40 fever:

An insight is a key, the key that allows us to find the solution to a problem, One Way, a fact that suggests how to solve any equation however complex. But eye, because the insight is not the solution, It is simply the point that leads to the path of that solution

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Guillem Recolons

Guillem Recolons

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  1. Carola Morato
    Carola Morato says:

    ¡Qué bueno! Comparto lo que comentas sobre el resultado de las preguntas que realiza Fran en Facebook. Es un provocador nato y generan buen engagement.
    También comparto tu idea de que el blog sigue vivo en cuanto a generador de comentarios, “pa muestra un botón”. 😉 Quizás este medio parece que te de más tiempo de reacción y que la red social como Facebook impone menos y genera respuestas más espontáneas.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Carola, tú eres como yo, de los románticos a los que nos gusta pensar que tenemos una comunidad “our”. Y te doy la razón, quizás este feed pide pensar más lo que se escribe que un post en Facebook que desaparecerá entre los bits en pocas semanas. Thanks for write, amiga. Un abrazo y buen verano!


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