A teacher without personal brand personal brand?

Why not inspire from the action?

One of micropost Alfredo Vela in his excellent blog Tics and Training lit alarm in social networks a few days ago. The title of the post could not be more explicit: How can you teach me to create personal brand online if you do not have your?

Alfredo got opportunistically- the nail on the head, and then, in the image, he used an interesting analogy: “if we criticize that many teachers give training on entrepreneurship without ever created a company why do not criticize that many teachers give training on personal branding without creating your own?”

It is a good argument, I imagine that many have sat them like a kick in the low parts. So much so that appeared demagogues turn to try to invalidate the speech. Detail the comments that appeared on the Facebook profile Andrés Pérez Ortega when it echoed this post. Obviaré the names of their authors, I think the important thing here is the content, but there is no doubt that it is teachers who do not practice from experience:

Character 1: It's obvious …… you can not teach history of the Inquisition without taking a couple of witches at the stake or torture a pair of Heretics. You can not teach the harmful effects of smoking snuff 2 packs a day, or help others lose weight without being obese at least once in your life.

Replica Andres Perez: Interestingly all these examples are negative (inquisition, smoke, obesity, …) and that's easy because you can always get worse. The tricky part is to demonstrate and use the proper example to convey that something is possible and that can be improved. Anyone can read about anything in books or on the Internet but credibility is generated when one has successfully applied what he preaches. Why should I believe a SEO guru if it is not well positioned in Google? What credibility deserves me an expert on Personal Brand whom no one recognized as a professional in his? Why would you trust an expert in Social Media you created your account on Twitter a week ago? The only thing I would criticize that phrase is that we have all Personal Brand, the only difference is the strength of the Personal Brand.

replica mine: Character 1, who can better explain the horror of a concentration camp it is a Survivor, You will have more credibility than one who has not lived. That's it, of course, does not invalidate the work of a historian, but the hue of the whole sum own experience.

Character 2: is not the same tell the story, to teach how to do something.

replica mine: I have to learn French. What do you think, better a French teacher or a Chinese?

Character 2: because I think that has previously demonstrated that He knows very well teach

replica mine: Character 2, I think you know what I mean. It's hard to beat the experience

I thank Alfredo Vela for having started the debate and Andrés Pérez for having echoed. Today I read in La Vanguardia also that many companies are turning to people who have gone through relevant experiences, whether more or less famous. Obviously not just a woman like Edurne Pasaban is authorized to talk about overcoming, but possibly offers more credibility than someone who has read 25 improvement books but who has not experienced.

What is happening with personal branding is parallel to what happened with coaching. Of nothing, Now everyone is coach and everyone is an expert in personal branding. And the problem is that, officially, a coach can be with 2 years of study and 5 experiences or three months of studies. Same with personal branding. If your brand mentor staff 2.0 (somewhat misleading term, we will speak later) It does not appear in Google or your brand is confused with that of others with the same name, turn off and let's go. The person who will undertake training with someone purporting to be an expert in personal branding, the first thing you have to ask is about the trajectory of this person and not be swayed by the tactics of Adwords, you can put your name first, but no story behind, without proper written on the subject, pure vacuum.

Returning to the term personal branding 2.0, I just want to introduce the nuance that personal branding 2.0 It is a part of a whole (it's a medium) but not the whole itself. A specialist personal brand management will start asking where you want to be in 10 years old , and not just on internet, in your life, in your career. Big words.


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22 replies
  1. of Pau Samo
    of Pau Samo says:

    It was a great debate, It is very interesting to see how occasionally in social networks interaction between users generates a certain value is generated. Andres Perez paraphrasing, one dospuntocerolandia, There is a lot of smoke and shallow. So for me, is welcome discussion with all that entails. hit, mistakes, multifarious reflections… we can always get a positive reflection.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Yes Pau, I see that is a debate that ignites passions. If I have to operate heart, You may prefer someone who has done it successfully for a few years and has the capacity to anticipate setbacks. That does not invalidate the recent graduate, but I'm willing to pay more for the experience of veteran. The discussion about the post of Alfredo Vela even goes further, since there, following the simile, We speak of a surgeon without career.
      Thanks for write!

  2. Javier
    Javier says:

    One of the things that seems to ignore everyone today is spelling. And I speak not only of SMS language. Many “sellers” personal brand or communication in general should have a dictionary next to the keyboard. Give them to you because it is very bad communicator and not able to communicate properly in your language.

    And on this web, a technical point: the message header cap cookies, whereby the mark is not seen. And transcription of the slideshare (not the original) “goodbye advertising, hello branding” It is riddled with errors.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Javier, I really appreciate your comments and your concerns about the language. I'm not a salesman personal brand, rather a consultant, but the dictionary next to my keyboard tells me that “alone” It is not emphasized for some years:

      Slideshare transcription, as you know, It is not mine, It does the platform, and removes accents and other punctuation.

      I know what's worse is that I see that you defend or attack a position with reference to this post, it seems that only (without accent) you have devoted to attacking the author for reasons other than the content of the article. Ok, I appreciate you writing, I will review thoroughly spelling, certainly I encounter more than one error.

  3. Andrés
    Andrés says:

    William Dear, genial tu post. But I think we are losing the battle. This is like a zombie movie, every day they appear undocumented… and people who create them.

  4. Javier
    Javier says:

    Hi Guillem.
    I feel like you've taken the hint, I guess I will have misspoke, spelling so I was not referring to article, I was giving the problem the same debate. And speaking of communicators in general: advertisers, journalists…
    And it assumed that the transcript was automatic, Like the message cookies, alone (tilde, I'm a sentimentalist) daba something technical feedback.
    a greeting.

  5. Fran
    Fran says:

    It seems a complicated topic to discuss. I always prefer someone with experience, but also has the required training. I was not worth a thing without the other, in either case.

    I mean, also experience, training and above all empathy is necessary to teach. There are many / as pediatricians childless, and many people who are not a pediatrician but have children. However, the pediatrician has proven that parents more information and more are supposed to be updated. That does not mean a father of seven children can teach you no more practical things a pediatrician without children. Both are valid and complementary skills.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      balanced response and sentata. If you can choose, we agree that the best trainer will know which train and lived experience. In my particular case, If you do not give me no choice but to choose between one thing and another, I will choose the experience, I deserve more credibility and that allows me to empathize. Thanks for write, Fran!

  6. Nuria
    Nuria says:

    I loved the reflection of Alfredo Vela and I liked this post (but not bad vibes).
    I just finished a graduate degree in social networks and one of the people who had not tried my profiles updated their own profile on Linkedin and had 8 Tweets on Twitter. No I kept looking, I think obviously has no moral or professional authority to issue a value judgment on my profile and my activity in social networks What is your criteria? Is a slackness not have them updated.
    The other teacher who judged my final work and my blog has no blog, but that did not stop him from being the teacher of blog marketing. their shortcomings were apparent and disappointing. The two draft judged my personal brand… The least is put the note because I have to prepare lasted for tomorrow will not disappoint my customers, which it is what they have done to me.
    Congratulations on the post.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Your case, Nuria, It is one of thousands. How can you be a teacher of blog marketing that does not have a blog itself? How can you tell how to create a correct profile on Linkedin (or wherever) if the teacher, the first thing you'll look as a model, It is in chaos?. Nuria, I have no idea where you are studying -well, Yes I know, but out of respect I will not public-, but on your excellent blog “digital disaster” you can give lessons to more than one of your mentors. A hug and good luck!

  7. Nuria
    Nuria says:

    thanks Guillem, I will not tell where he finished graduate school out of respect and because I seek not discredit (and they are responsible solitos) Nor do I speak of disappointment I supposed conformist professionals are forming a digital world where it seems that 'anything goes’ and does not seek excellence.

    I would like to add that, Fortunately, I have found in some training in my life with brilliant teachers, of radiating talent and inspire people. Grandísimos professional and exceptional teachers. When that happens, when you're lucky enough to attend a class of these teachers it is like magic, and you never want it to end, and you go home with the feeling 'I know that I know nothing’ and wanting more. It is for this reason that I keep forming and recycling, because a kind of a 'master’ excellent is truly wonderful…. The rest are fireworks and bikes we sell.

  8. Gonzalo
    Gonzalo says:

    Everyone talks about a teacher can not teach blogs blogger. Or someone can teach without twitter social networking.
    I agree.
    But not only knowledge of the subject the student lives. There are also other factors such as the teacher has a minimum of university knowledge to transmit.
    For my Master gave us class Keka Sánchez, and when asked what career he had completed I felt strange when I said no, and just this year was starting a degree.
    I felt as if my companion uni 1st career give me lessons.
    It is my opinion.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      There should always be a balance, Gonzalo. And more in the case you mention. I agree you can ask for minimum training, and that students may need a teacher who is regarding what explains. Thanks for write!

  9. Francisco Romero @alicatadosman
    Francisco Romero @alicatadosman says:

    A topic most interesting Guillen, It is true that the experience is a degree and squeaky someone who does not have a personal brand wants to teach you to create your own… But from my ignorance on the subject, I think it's much better a teacher willing to teach ( you will always find the way to learn a few guidelines to put you on the path to achieve the goal) to have before a “guru” your ego will not fit through the door and forget to show you the way when it teaches you is “I, I, I.. my, me, with me”… at the end of the class you have just learned that the note is a great guy.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Totally agree, Francisco. If you mention it would be a bad trainer. I understand training as an incentive for people to learn methods and know formed them into an action plan. If not so, It is not training, It is a simple “demo” the story of a successful course, It is a case study, but not training. A greeting and thanks for writing!

  10. Monica Perez de las Heras
    Monica Perez de las Heras says:

    Something similar to what you are discussing formation occurs in Oratoria. Many people believe that having ever spoken in public is already qualified to teach. However, at the European School Oratorical we think, before hiring a public speaking course you must know who the profe, videos of that person, know how long it takes teaching and what expertise guarantee you.


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