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He has always liked London because in summer have air conditioning in the street. After a few weeks of unbearable heat, Thank you occasionally get jacket (and waterproofs).

I wanted to post this weekend, as usual, but the wifi hotels still does not pass the test of resistance, so I decided to wait to return to my Barcelona to post.

In addition to what touches do in London when you go with teenagers, I booked the last day to visit something I did not know from my previous visits: The Saatchi Gallery.

Saatchi Gallery. A compelling reason for a lightning visit to London

The space is impressive. Now (summer 2017) This is Saatchi Gallery is in Chelsea, en King’s Road. Upon entering the enclosure, one huge garden lawn precedes the two columns that give entrance to the enclosure.

I like talking about creativity, I believe that art should from there, rather than innovation. While I recognize that there are good examples of innovation made art, especially reinterpretations have done some work Warhol.

Returning to the purity of things, and paraphrasing Toni Segarra (one that writes ads), "Creativity is not copying".

I say that the exterior and interior space and themselves are spectacular, but the best is what is exposed. 90% creativity, 10% innovation.

The selfie to self-expression

Maybe I've been lucky enough to find one of the most powerful signs that can be seen "From selfie to self-expression”, dedicated to the self-portrait throughout history.

Gallery 1. Classic self-expression

The first gallery and surprises with a majestic "Las Meninas" by Velazquez backlit included one of the more subtle self-portraits history. The fun thing about this gallery is that all works are projected through smartphones (Huawei is a sponsor) that can give each piece like the purest style Instagram. But this gallery also find Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Van Gogh, Munch y Rembrandt.

Who says that selfies are something today? They take us centuries.

Gallery 2. The selfies in modern art

In this gallery you can see works by Warhol, Basquiat, Lucien Freud. The best, In view of each work from different perspectives.

Gallery 3. Start the show

Making an art show is not easy. Christopher Baker has done a 270º assembly called "How I learned to stop listening to love the noise". It consists of thousands of clips of people talking in different languages ​​and different volumes. Awesome. Here's the video. Turn up the volume.

galleries 4 and 5. First photographic selfies

Here the first examples of photo selfie shown. What year would you say took place the first selfie? Isn't it?. Before. Long before. 1920.

It is also interesting that there was a first subject specialist who worked on it since 1977 making selfies with characters like Warhol, Skin, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman, Rod Stewart…

Gallery 6. Self-expression from contemporary art

Tim Noble & Sue WebsterIn this gallery of "living artists" are new forms of art and visitor experience. I was struck by the linear sculptures of the artist couple Tim Noble and Sue Webster self-portrait format.

Also projected shadow then struck me.

With these wickers, these baskets… #saatchigallery #art #chelsea

William shared a publication Recolons Argenter (@guillemrecolons) yes,

Gallery 10. Facial recognition technology

I will not do spoiler galleries 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14. I leave for your discovery. In the 10, Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Pavilion presents its Zoom, Computer work done when the only protagonist is the visitor. Different techniques and facial recognition algorithms to detect the presence of people in the room give you the feeling that you are observed at all times and everywhere.

Again, 3 of the 4 walls of the large hall used to build the story of oneself under different angles. Here's the video.

Experience the service of art, or art service experience

When a mural like Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is art? When you are you. Without you, that's a gray screen. That leads me to think of the necessary feedback between user experience and art. They need each other. If a piece of art does not generate a -positive experience, neutralizing the negative, is neither art nor experience.

And that, What it is all about personal branding?

You're right. Little bit. Just the fact that creativity becomes art through experience and footprint of the author. Charles Saatchi becomes art and artists to unknown people who have applied creativity at work.

Personal conclusion:

Creativity should be present in what we do, in the way we do and the way we communicate. If you're looking for your prince, Charles Saatchi your, no imites. Create. Y consigue UserExperience.

All images & videos by Guillem Recolons into the Saatchi Gallery

Guillem Recolons

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  1. @sana_su_sana
    @sana_su_sana says:

    Thanks for this “guide art tour virtual” The truth is that I love!! I just disagree that this whole journey has little to do with personal brand:
    – This exhibition reminds us that even in the most innovative concepts that we always find history and contemporary.
    – While mounted exposure as this, talks about the importance of storytelling.
    – The importance of the other. ” Without you, that on a gray screen”
    – User Experience.
    – AND CREATIVITY, it must be Siamese twin of any brand.
    What I have it clear artistic mind me this little trip to London. Thanks!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      I'm with Susana. It stops it “little to do” It was ironic sense. If you remember what comes next…

      Just the fact that creativity becomes art through experience and footprint of the author. Charles Saatchi becomes art and artists to unknown people who have applied creativity at work.

      …you will see that is a key element. The 5 points that stand out can not be better summary and demo the importance of all this personal branding. Thank you for writing!


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